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Ways to Increase Blog Traffic

Ways to Increase Blog Traffic
2010/08/31 Maya H.

Sounds interesting huh?  I am on Day 7 of this “31 Days Blog Challenge” whose end goal is to assist bloggers with creating better sites that generate more traffic.  Our homework for today is to write a link post.  I was going to link to another fashion blog, Madison Avenue Spy which I love for her writing and her timely insider deal info but, I opted to link to Lis and Michelle’s site, Savvy Blogging Success, because they’re the ones that got me started on this endeavor for blog betterment!

I am learning quite a bit and would clearly encourage any of you who are aspiring bloggers to take the challenge. I am woefully behind in my assignments (I’ve only completed three of the seven tasks to date), but I’m feeling better already.  Do you think any of this is the placebo effect?  I mean could it be that I think the blog is better simply because I’m taking this class? 

Well, real or imagined, I think my site traffic has increased (I’m going to check later today).

Stay tuned for more lessons that, while I may not share them directly, hopefully you’ll see the results in my posts and information!