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On My Way to Maui…

On My Way to Maui…
2010/08/31 Maya H.

So today, I’m writing to you as I am en route to Maui through a number of United Airlines hubs….but Maui here I come!  Let’s talk travel/airplane attire today.  In spite of years of traveling and hundreds of thousands of miles, I am still surprised when I see American travelers that manage to be stylish yet comfortable. [Note: Europeans have a general knack for looking stylish so, for the purposes of this post, they are excluded.]

So, I’m sitting in first class (yes, I got upgraded) and the seat next to me is empty….until one minute before take off.  Apparently, a gentleman named Mark B. got upgraded at the last minute.  I observe his dress (it’s a habit given my trade!).  He’s wearing this absolutely fabulous dark taupe linen shirt with cream contrast stitching so, I decide that we have to talk.

After chatting a bit, I learn that, indeed, he didn’t make the purchase, but it was a gift.  You ask why I ramble on (endlessly) about this man what none of us really knows.  Well, Mark unknowingly provided us all with a few ‘travel in style’ lessons in addition to a few of my own.  Let me share:

  • Say “hello” to the person sitting next to you
  • Travel in something that is comfortable yet stylish (it is possible to accomplish both)
  • Travel right by traveling light (I suspect that if Mark had two huge bags in tow, he would not have made this flight….)
  • Be kind to the CSR (Customer Service Rep) because they determine who gets the extra first class seat
  • Spend 15 minutes at the end of your flight to figure out the small creature comforts that you missed.  Note them for your next long haul
  • I am a high-heel-lady but understand there is always a place for sneakers. When I wear them, bet your bottom dollar they’re funky!

BTW – Mark and I are destined to become good friends and, wait, I forgot to ask who makes his fabulous shirt….for some of my clients.

More to come….from Maui!  Travel stylishly!