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Travel: 21C Museum Hotel, Bourbon & Buick

Travel: 21C Museum Hotel, Bourbon & Buick
2013/10/09 Better Blueprint

buick, bourbon, 21c museum hotel

Buick called and I answered....the Buick Bucket List & Full Line Drive event! They called it Kentucky’s Southern Style – this drive took us through the up-and-coming city of Louisville. The tour included a visit to local glass gallery, Flame Run, where I got the chance to make my own glass ornament. Following the drive tour, it was lunch at Harvest Restaurant in the city, a restaurant that specializes in farm-to-table food with modern twists. After lunch, we visited Hounddog Press, a local printing press, where we did a brief workshop on card making. The day wouldn't have been complete without a Bourbon tasting.....strong!!!



The 21C Museum Hotel was a delight. Not only were the restaurant and staff wonderful but as you walked the halls to your room or up the back stairs toward the conference room, you got sneak peeks at all kinds of artwork. The Buick Drive event was perfect too - a few tidbits and snapshots of the little extras received throughout the weekend.



My car, the Buick Regal, was smooth driving (the ride from Cincy to Louisville was almost two hours) and just a pure pleasure to drive! There's a picture below of the inside driver side -- everything was within reach and it kinda reminded you of a "control center"....


Buick-21C Museum Hotel


All the little pieces came together so nicely....

Flame Run- Buick

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