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To See Yourself in Print

To See Yourself in Print
2011/01/04 Maya H.

Well, truth be told, this isn't me but the concept is dead-on!  This is the prototype for my casual date night/hanging-with-the-girls outfit.  I love that it's comfy, effortless, not frumpy, warm (I'd opt for a long sweater along with an infinity scarf), and says I'm ready for just about anything.  I've never used to be a fan of leggings, but I'm sold now and a pair of leather leggings kicks this up a notch; or even a pair of bootleg pants can make this perfect for Saturday afternoon.

The options are endless and that's what I love most about this look -- effortless casual chic with a touch of zest!

A great casual date night/girls-night-out look!