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  • Jun092023

    are you wearing shorts to work?

    Let's talk about wearing shorts to work! This started to be a hotly-debated topic (no pun intended) before COVID but…

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  • Aug272020

    nice to meet you: jellie sandals

    nice to meet you: alexandria brandao, a women and kid's fashion footwear brand! I found them on Instagram and fell…

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  • May012020

    men’s summer essential

    Think long and hard about the warm weather must-haves for men and I'm 80% sure you'll come up with a short-sleeve…

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  • Aug132018

    Just Over A Month Of Summer Left

      ...and have you taken time to enjoy it yet? I have continually pushed myself to 'get out' in spite…

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  • Jun132016

    4 Sandals To Suit Any Man

    There are very few shoes you need for summer but sandals are one of them....because there are more than enough…

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  • Jun262015

    Ready for the Weekend: Leather Flip Flops

    Grow up! We all love Havaianas but sometimes you just need a little more. Answer: Abejas Handmade. Leather (of course).…

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  • May312012

    4 Pieces = 5 Outfits At Least

    Depending on what you already own, you could have more but at a minimum you've got five outfits to cover:…

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  • Jul282010

    Summer Weekend Essential

    This tissue-thin print silk blend cardigan is perfect for a summer evening or fall day to evening...and travel!

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