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are you wearing shorts to work?

are you wearing shorts to work?
2023/06/09 Better Blueprint
In Style

Let's talk about wearing shorts to work! This started to be a hotly-debated topic (no pun intended) before COVID but even more so now because post-COVID, everything, and every industry have gone more casual. Plus, summertime is the season of relaxed workwear.

Here is a pre-COVID look at the argument...

Here is an enlightening, post-COVID take...

Where do you stand?

Here's my thinking: if it wasn't open for debate pre-COVID then likely, it's not an option but if you could see a summer casual Friday where the shorts weren't too short, too tight, or too see-through (the same with your regular attire) then I'd say go for it! They are inherently casual but you can elevate them by adding a third layer like a fun blazer [albeit hot since it is summer!].

For me? It would be a no because my clients would be distracted and that defeats the purpose of work.

I suspect the lines are well-drawn here and think the biggest divide is based on age with Gen Xers and Baby Boomers saying "no" while Gen Z and Millenials shout a resounding "yes". I could be wrong, so weigh in, please 🙏.

Based on the info shared, what's your stance on wearing shorts to work in summer?

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