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  • Aug192016

    Another Style Download Available..for the Fellas!

    We've got more for you well for the fellas. We've already given the ladies the 9 Websites to Bookmark for…

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  • Aug152016

    New FREE Style Downloadables Available!

    About three or four times a year, Blueprint for Style gathers all of the requests we've had throughout the year…

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  • Aug192013
    John Varvatos

    How-To Update Your Look From Confused Teen To Full-On Adult

    This was the question posed from a 20-something year old man who really wanted to add a bit of "edge"…

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  • Mar212013

    Essence Magazine Style Advice

    I'm always honored when friends and clients ask me for advice ~ it's a chance to share my expertise and…

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  • Sep302011

    Wearever the Weather Style Insights for DC

    I had a chance to chat at length with friend and fellow blogger extraordinaire for Wearever the Weather, Renae Virata.  We…

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  • Sep262011

    Manly Monday Style Meter

    Just a few stylish musings from a stylish who believes our 'true north' personal style is just around the corner....…

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