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Manly Monday Style Meter

Manly Monday Style Meter
2011/09/26 Better Blueprint

Just a few stylish musings from a stylish who believes our 'true north' personal style is just around the corner....

  • A man without real point-of-view is like a duck without feathers (good analogy huh?). You can have a point-of-view and still be 'man' enough to see and appreciate someone's else. Whaddya think?
  • Style advice: if you live on the East Coast, substitute your zip-up jacket with a blazer of sportcoat for an instant upgrade
  • By in-large, the difference between African-American and Caucasian males is often a butt....which is why pants find and fit can be so difficult for men of color. Don't settle for relaxed fit or front pleats (dated and stodgy), instead opt for a slightly larger size and a tailor!