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  • Jun032017

    TOP 2017 fashion trends: ruffles, RUCHING, asymmetry, bowties

    This is my favorite current trend and its everywhere right now: ruffles, ruching, asymmetrical hemlines and bowties! And as much…

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  • Jun292011

    Get Sunkissed This Summer!

    Blueprint for Style loves orange!  I don't believe there is a more vibrant and warm color that shows off or…

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  • May112010

    Spring Fashion How-to-Shop

    Well spring has sprung and I'm sure we've all been waiting for it.....if you're in DC, today may not feel…

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  • Jan042010

    January – What’s Ahead

    Yep, 2K10....or Twenty Ten....or 2010 is here!  Blueprint for Style is ready and has a mission to make as many…

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