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Spring Fashion How-to-Shop

Spring Fashion How-to-Shop
2010/05/11 Maya H.

Well spring has sprung and I'm sure we've all been waiting for it.....if you're in DC, today may not feel quite like spring but, rest assured, the sun and sweltering heat are just around the corner!!  Blueprint for Style wanted to provide a few insights and tips on how to prepare for the warmer weather, still cool nights, occasional showers, and tricky weather....better known as spring.

  • First, unearth all of your spring/summer clothes and shoes from last year - and try it all on to see what fits and what goes!
  • With the pile that remains, see what you actually still like...
  • Determine your summer color palette (oranges and greens seem to be "in" this year)- this will make shopping much easier
  • [Pen & paper in hand] Make outfits- for the many occasions and functions you'll have!
  • Catalog what's missing (by, dresses, tops, accessories, etc)
  • Create a budget of what you want to invest in looking right this spring/summer
  • Prioritize based on usage....and off to the store(s) you go with list in hand!!

If this all seems a little overwhelming, no worries!  Click here Blueprint for Style to schedule your Spring Closet Spruce Up and we'll get you ready in no-time!