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  • Jun232011

    End of Week Midweek STYLE Society

      This is an end of week Midweek STYLE Society redux.  We've been gone quite awhile -- contributors have been…

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  • May042011

    Super Style Insights from the Midweek STYLE Society

    Midweek STYLE Society is sharing a Mauboussin jewelry giveaway, backstage designer insights from Oscar de la Renta, city-specific stylish stores, colorful…

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  • Apr142011

    Stylish Insights from Top Lifestyle Bloggers Roundup, Vol 18

    The Midweek STYLE Society brings you more style know-how and how-to's than most this week! We're translating runway to walkway,…

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  • Mar312011

    (Delayed) Roundup of Top Lifestyle Bloggers, Vol 16

    Delayed but not forgotten - this week's Midweek STYLE Society is one of the best.....a varitable how-to on how-to's!  Everything…

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  • Mar092011

    Roundup of Top STYLE Bloggers, Vol. 12

    Life without fashion or beauty is like a day without sunshine.  Today's roundup from top style bloggers is all about…

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  • Feb232011

    Midweek STYLE Society: Top Style Bloggers, Vol. 11

     This week's roundup of top style bloggers is all about pieces that are used to complete the style puzzle....from nailing…

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  • Feb162011

    Midweek STYLE Society: Top Bloggers Roundup Vol 10

    This week we have lots of great stuff and, yes, most is about Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week (NYFW).  But we also…

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  • Feb102011

    Midweek STYLE Society: Top Bloggers Roundup, Vol. 9

    This week we are a little late due to some major speedbumps on the technology highway, but never fear some fabulous…

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  • Feb022011

    Midweek STYLE Society: Top Lifestyle Bloggers, Vol. 8

    This week top lifestyle bloggers this week are giving insider information on up-and-coming designers, fresh and novel ideas for bridal showers, and…

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  • Jan262011

    Midweek STYLE Society: Top Lifestyle Bloggers, Vol. 7

    This week's roundup for top lifestyle bloggers seems to be all about shoes and stuff: from a video on how to…

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  • Jan192011

    Midweek STYLE Society: Top Blogger Roundup, Vol. 6

    Say hello to 2011 with the Top Lifestyle Bloggers and they're fabulous know-how!  This week's Midweek STYLE Society has a…

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  • Jan122011

    Midweek STYLE Society: Vol 5

    This week, our top lifestyle bloggers have kept it basic -- providing information about taking working wardrobes up a notch…

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  • Dec222010

    Midweek STYLE Society: Roundup from Top Lifestyle Bloggers Vol. 2

    This week's STYLE Society is clearly focused on the Holidays: who needs what, what to get who, last minute gift ideas,…

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  • Dec152010

    Midweek STYLE Society: Roundup from Top Lifestyle Bloggers

     This round of links is special not only because it's the first time, but it's a great look at terrific outfits, pieces…

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  • Dec142010

    Midweek STYLE Society Launches Tomorrow!

    Wednesday kicks off a new feature on Blueprint for Style (and on several other blogs) called Midweek STYLE Society (MSS). …

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