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Midweek STYLE Society Launches Tomorrow!

Midweek STYLE Society Launches Tomorrow!
2010/12/14 Maya H.

Wednesday kicks off a new feature on Blueprint for Style (and on several other blogs) called Midweek STYLE Society (MSS).  Midweek STYLE Society is a group of stylishly haute bloggers who have some great information and insights to share.  As much as I research and write, I cannot do it all, so I rely on others to ‘fill in the gap’ on what’s fabulous and worth your time and dollars. 

Here’s a look at the Midweek STYLE Society crew:

I am so excited and looking forward to sharing even more stylish insights and happenings from this group...which reminds me that as we work through a few kinks you may see a few switch ups.  It's all with the intent to give you the most stylish insights possible from a well-rounded group of today's hautest bloggers!!

Midweek STYLE Society – every Wednesday starting December 15th!