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  • Dec282015

    Think You Can’t Afford Those $750 Shoes?

    Christian Louboutin. Gianvito Rossi. Alejandro Ingelmo. Aquazurra. Charlotte Olympia. Saint Laurent. Jimmy Choo. Givenchy. Valentino. These are a few shoe…

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  • May122015

    Step Lightly into Spring: After-hours Heels (Part 5/5)

    This is clearly my favorite category because I'm a heels-girl but also because we're talking about the shoes you sport…

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  • Aug112011

    Louboutin vs. YSL: Who Wins?! Who Loses?

    Forget Pacquiao vs. Mosley, the fight of the decade is Louboutin vs. YSL.  Boring, gory details are here, but we've provided…

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  • Apr092011

    6 Things We Want to Share This Week

    Fashions Night Out will hit the internet this year through the collaboration efforts of Polyvore and give many more fashionistas…

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  • Nov122009

    New or Used?

    I ask the question because on Saturday (November 14th), H&M debuts the new Jimmy Choo shoe line.  While the shoes…

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