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New or Used?

New or Used?
2009/11/12 Maya H.

Jimmy Choo for H&MI ask the question because on Saturday (November 14th), H&M debuts the new Jimmy Choo shoe line.  While the shoes range in price from $60 - $200 with the average around $150, is that right?  The normal Jimmy Choo can be wrangled for as low as $400-ish but can clearly go up to $1400+++.

The question is easy: would you rather spend your money on new Jimmy Choos for H&M or purchase gently-worn resale Louboutins, Manolos and YSLs?  I realize there may be a stigmaassocicated with consignment/resale/used clothing and accessoriesCLs on eBay for $188 but, I've seen and purchased some terrific second-hand buys!  I have a wonderful pair of silver patina-colored 120mm shoes bestowed by the YSL gods, and purchased in Los Angeles -- a steal for $160 which is roughly the same price as brand-new Jimmy Choos for H&M.

Would I trade them?  Absolutely not!  But the question is, would you?

If so, I suspect we'll see you at a fever-pitched H&M store on Saturday to participate in what will surely be a sellout event!.