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  • Apr122017

    remember mom always said to e-nun-see-ate

    So you want those Loubies and you roll into the store to get them and the salesperson looks at you…

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  • May312015

    Stylish Reading: Bringing Home the Birkin

    Bringing Home the Birkin, Michael Tonello A very fun (and informative) read! My poor friend let me borrow this book…

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  • Aug262014
    Hermes, Birkin, designer handbags

    Hermes: More Than The Kelly Or Birkin

    We all get lost of the splendor of Hermès (pronounced "air mess") and it's easy to focus on its traditional…

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  • Feb142014
    glove clips- Hermes

    Hermes Glove Clips

    How many pairs of gloves do you think you've lost across the last 10 years? Or just the last year?…

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  • Mar012013

    To Know It, Is To Love It: Hermes

    A knowledgeable woman (or man) is the makings of a stylish woman (or dapper don). While I read the entire…

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  • Dec192012

    Vintage Hermes [POLL]

    The big question of the week: A favorite of Jackie Onassis, the Constance bag is a legend amongst…

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  • Jun252012

    Burning (Hermes) Birkin Bags?!!

    Are you familiar with Hermès' Birkin (& Kelly) bag? Do you know they cost upwards of $10,000 (and as high…

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  • Dec012011

    Where Is The Economic Downturn?

    If you asked me (which technically you are), I'd say it's the less fortunate that are feeling more of the…

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  • Dec222010

    Doing Red, Hot Business

    This red Hermès briefcase is not only ideal for this season, but definitely means red hot business!  Carry this for…

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  • Aug262010

    Hermes Scarves

    A fabulous website that features the "adventures" of Hermès scarves. Click, dream & ogle!

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  • Feb102010

    For Men Only…

    Gentlemen, you'll be pleased by the following announcement: as of today, the world's first and only Hermès Men's store at…

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  • Oct272009

    It’s My Birthday So It’s About Everything I Love

    Technically, my birthday was yesterday but, so what -- if you're in Australia, it's still my birthday. My item of…

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