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To Know It, Is To Love It: Hermes

To Know It, Is To Love It: Hermes
2013/03/01 Better Blueprint

A knowledgeable woman (or man) is the makings of a stylish woman (or dapper don). While I read the entire piece about Hermès' Dumas, what I thought you'd love are these five little-known facts about the iconic name/brand:

  1. The length of thread necessary to make 1,000 Hermès carrés (scarves) is equal to the distance between the earth and the moon. One silk moth yields one scarf.
  2. The Kelly bag is made with 36 pieces of leather and 680 hand stitches.
  3. A silk colorist works with a chart of 75,000 hues to create new color schemes each season.
  4. The leather ateliers receive more than 600,000 skins per year. Each skin has a bar code to keep track of its origin and specific treatment.
  5. Hermès's start in fine jewelry came from working with silver to trim saddlery-the house's first clients were horse, of course!

You can read the  gist of the entire Hermes Heritage here.

Hermès's Pierre-Alexis Dumas

Note: the Birkin bag is still at the top of my 'want" list!