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  • Dec102012

    Out With Old Dopp Kit, In With The New

    You travel (a lot or a little)? You use shaving cream? You need a toothbrush? You hate spending money unnecessarily?…

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  • Dec062011

    Gifts For Your Guy, Bro or Beau Under $65

    Here's the best list of curated items for the man in your life. Check them out and grab them before…

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  • Aug232011

    Winner: Blue Claw Dopp Kit

    First off, we were supposed to announce this without further adieu, the winner of the Blue Claw Co dopp…

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  • Aug152011

    Think Exotic Thoughts With Your Blue Claw Dopp Kit

    While dopp kits are a gentleman's travel accessory, we welcome the ladies to go 'all out' for their man! Blueprint…

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  • Aug122011

    Blue Claw: Rough, Rugged, Down-to-Earth Dapper

    Blue Claw Dopp Kit Ever traveled with your S.O. (significant other), husband, partner, etc, and they pulled out one or…

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  • Aug312010

    Dopp Kit Check List

    Gentlemen: print and save this handy Dopp Kit Check List.

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