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Blue Claw: Rough, Rugged, Down-to-Earth Dapper

Blue Claw: Rough, Rugged, Down-to-Earth Dapper
2011/08/12 Better Blueprint
Blue Claw Dopp Kit

Ever traveled with your S.O. (significant other), husband, partner, etc, and they pulled out one or more plastic bags that look like they were ready for the trash years ago? Well fear no more because Blue Claw Co.'s dopp kit is the answer to a woman's hotel room horrors and his nagging lady noise!

Starting next week, we'll be giving away one of these fabulous dopp kit's to one lucky winner.  Why do you want it?

  • It's just the right size to fit all of your toiletries (travel and full-size)
  • It has a washable waterproof liner
  • An outer strap (for carrying or hanging)
  • It's made of ballistic nylon...what every pilot or jetsetter should own

So you wanna know how Adam Blitzer got it right? Easy - - - while he was traveling in Argentina through rugged rural and urban terrains, he quickly discovered that his luggage was not suited for his excursions (it was bursting at the seams).  Upon returning stateside, he created the perfect line of luggage that combined durability and elegance.  Blue Claw Co. is the product of that passion- luggage that is as resistant to blending-in as it is to wearing-down!

We had a chance to catch up with Adam before he headed off to Buenos Aires, Patagonia, Sao Paulo and Rio (we have NO sympathy for him!) and got a little more insight on Blue Claw, its beginnings, what it's all about, and what's coming down the pipeline.

Wait! Don't forget our contest kicks off on Monday, so stay tuned! 

  • Your one fashion must-have- A pair of polarized shades so I can enjoy the sunshine!
  • Real, raw or artificial sweetener? Raw sugar
  • (tap into your fem sideYour favorite item every woman should own- Black high heels. They can work anywhere – in the office, at a club – black heels work for all women!
  • Men's fall must-have- The Bay Head Bathroom Bag by Blue Claw Co is a great way to store your toiletries and shaving products
  • We love accessories, so what is your lust accessory for this fall? And what should everyone have?! A heavyweight cotton canvas jacket; I've wanted one for a few seasons and will certainly be picking one up. If I did not have a Worton Weekender, I would certainly purchase one. I do not travel without it - regardless of season
  • (a little shameless self-promotion) What's your favorite part of our blog? As a suit connoisseur, I really loved the insight that Blueprint provided on hot to buy the perfect men's suit
  • Uh, uh, uh, what's coming soon for Blue Claw Co? I'm not showing all of my cards just yet, but I will say that we are making a smaller version of the Worton Weekender - perfect for day to day use. Blue Claw also has a tote in the works. The last thing I'll say is that we will be adding some color to our bags. We have a lot more in the works; let's just say that the next few months will be extremely busy for us!
  • Personal indulgence item- Individually wrapped twizzlers to maximize the freshness!
  • What do you crave when your tummy is talking? Tough one...either Argentine asado (barbecue) or some sushi. I love a good toro sashimi.

There you have it - - - the inner workings of a traveling man who loves his sushi, BBQ and twizzlers; and goes from high heels (for the ladies, of course) and suits to the rugged rural terrain in a heartbeat! Adam - enjoy your South American travels and we're anxiously awaiting the arrival of our Worton Weekender (wink, wink)!