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  • Apr172020

    weighty blazer for early spring + fall

    Most of the blazers I get are lighter or at least medium weight so they work year-round but this one…

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  • Oct262018

    Fall Must-Have #3: Double-Breasted Blazer

    I love love love blazers....although not the biggest fan of double-breasted options because most styles are too tight around my…

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  • Apr032018

    you need a “perfect” blazer for spring!

    Ideally, your perfect spring blazer if colorful but, if you're not going that route then opt for this Chelsea 28…

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  • Aug262016

    Fall Prep

    I don’t even really want to talk about it but such is life….fall officially starts September 22nd so it seems…

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  • Apr102013

    Love A Man in Blues

    One of my favorite blogs to look at is blacktiemind ~ and one of my favorite looks is a man in…

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  • Nov052012

    Elbow Patches: Old School But Nouveau

    I am NOT a DIY kinda chick (I barely have time to tie my shoelaces) but when I saw this,…

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  • Jan062011

    Top Two Trends To Invest In: Double-Breasted Blazer

    At Blueprint for Style, we're less concerned about creating a style trend than being true to our own personal style…

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