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Shopping Sucks!

Shopping Sucks!
2015/04/27 Better Blueprint

{lots of shopping....}

Pushy salespeople, big promises for small gains, bad lighting, multiple locations for the same items, "trick" mirrors, mountains of merchandise.

Here's how to shop smart:

  1. Figure out what you need - this means doing your homework beforehand (i.e., your "true" size, what brands work for you, a list of what you really need (vs. want))
  2. Get yourself together - eat and/or pack a snack because everything looks crappy when you're hungry; and dress accordingly so you can do quick on-and-off, and your feet are comfy
  3. At the store - don't get hung up on sizes (different brands size differently), try to use a three-way mirror, and tug gently at the button and pockets to reveal flaws now
  4. Stay focused - know when to splurge, know your budget, and remember that all sales are not a bargain (if you don't wear it)

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