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Scents: Black Orchid

Scents: Black Orchid
2014/09/24 Better Blueprint

Tom Ford, scents, perfume, Black Orchid

Tom Ford did it. Again. Luxurious and sensual. Spicy. Elegant. Iconic.

Black Orchid.

Tom Ford, perfume, Black Orchid

On Friday, I headed to one of my favorite Thai restaurants, Beau Thai, to grab dinner and enjoy an evening at home. As I'm coming out of the restaurant, I see my PR guru and give her a hug. I lingered longer than I should have....because she smelled so good. I asked and she said it Tom Ford's Black Orchid.

Needless to say, I was at Nordstrom on Saturday spraying it (so I can could how it worked with my natural body scent).



Thanks (and sorry) Whitney!