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Ripped From the Pages of Marie Claire

Ripped From the Pages of Marie Claire
2012/10/29 Better Blueprint

{photo credit: Tony Gale/Getty Images}

Across the last several months, Marie Claire is stepping up its game and, undoubtedly, EIC Joanna Coles is a large part of that. I'm particularly in love with the MC@Work features.

This week, I've snagged a piece about what to say in the stickiest of office situations.....

  • "Quitting a job is a lot like breaking up - it's better when both parties see it coming. So be sure to drop hints that you're itching to try something else"
  • Kiss up to your bosses assistant, they know everything
  • At a business lunch and want to stick to your diet - don't overthink the menu. Instead check out the menu beforehand and look confident when you order!
  • "If you find that you're frequently interrupted during meetings, you probably sound too meek, try raising your voice, even a little it?"
  • Our favorite: if you need to tell an employee they're dressed inappropriately, pull them aside and say, "What you wear is a direct reflection of how you're perceived by your cowrokers and clients. So what do you want your clothes to say about you?"

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