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i am an oil baron!

i am an oil baron!
2017/03/13 Better Blueprint

facial oils

I missed an opportunity - almost 20 years ago - to have a flawless face! As I understand it now, the key to aging as flawlessly as possible starts in your twenties and thirties...and I'm well on my way to the mid-century hashmark.

That said, I have wasted NO time or resources in trying to make up for lost time and 'save face' by going for the beauty juggler via serums and facial oils. They have almost exclusively become a mainstay even in my simplify travel routine.

In 2016, my serum collection included Caudalie overnight detox oil (and will continue), iS Clinical Super Serum, and three others that I can no longer remember since I ran out....

In 2017, my serum stash will include (1) RMS Beauty beauty oil, (2) Caudalie overnight detox oil, (3) EO ageless skin care transformative night serum and (4) Tammy Fender quintessential serum.

What's the high-powered oil in your beauty bag this year!?