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New York Fashion Week: Jason Wu

New York Fashion Week: Jason Wu
2012/02/11 Better Blueprint

{Jason Wu by Shanina Shaik,}

For this collection, Jason Wu went back to his childhood Taiwan with his dad to come up with three answers to the question, "What is Chinese?" The answers were military China, historical China of the Qing Dynasty, and the "inauthentic" thirties and forties Hollywood version of China. The result was a more floral Jason Wu than is normal but mixed with his sporty staples along with armorlike quilting and Mao jackets and shirts (military China), lush embroidery (historical China), and the somewhat costumey lace evening dresses (Hollywood China).

Style Notes: always feminine; not overly innovative but a fresh take on what is working already; easily movable from day to date, and work to weekend with curated panache

Runway to Walkway: there are three themes to run with and I expect we'll see the military themes (with epaulets, red and green coloring, Mao jackets) integrate best into fabulous statement pieces that can be worn over and over especially if the coloring is left neutral or black

Overall: love Jason Wu's confidence in dipping the proverbial toe into the deep end but the common sense to do what he does best ~ which is common sense, feminine, wearable silhouettes. 9/10