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New York Fashion Week: Cushnie et Ochs

New York Fashion Week: Cushnie et Ochs
2012/02/12 Better Blueprint

{Cushnie et Ochs; photo by Lakshmi Menon,}

Carly Cushnie and Michelle Ochs fashioned their collection after Pedro Almodóvar's twisted tale, The Skin I Live and thus featured cutouts, some bandage-y type dresses, visible zippers, and a certain type of perverse sexiness in the dresses. Almodóvar's grim and morbid tale talks of a surgeon's desire to create skin that cannot burn because his now-deceased wife committed suicide following a car accident in which she was burned to a cinder. Without sharing any more details, the collection is worthy of a peek.

Style Notes: tight silhouettes; leather that looks luxe, dresses with cutouts that create great artistic diversions; and a present inner-lioness that shows through every piece

Runway to Walkway: a few of the pieces are very wearable although the majority are fairly tight which makes them a bit unforgiving to the everyday diva with a midsection to hide or an ample chest to downplay.

Overall: it's an innovative, edgy and slightly obtuse collection in which anyone can appreciate the artistic value but may be hard to work for more than a few. 6.5/10