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Multi-tasking Pants

Multi-tasking Pants
2009/09/30 Maya H.

Well all of the studies done on multi-tasking indicate that we don't really get any value-added out of it because we end Theory poet pantsup doing a lot of things mediocre...or one thing really good!  But these Theory Poet Pants can indeed multi-task: pair them with fun sneakers and comfy flats and they're ready to travel (use the pockets to store the lipstick that MUST make it through security), and pair it with some funky, chunky heels and you're ready to party (and again, carry your lipstick in the pocket).

I do declare - they are wonderful at multi-tasking...a grown-up cargo pant!  At $89 at RueLaLa, I'm not sure how long this deal will last but I do know that the Theory sale is over midnight on Thursday!.