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Every Lady Likes a Little Shine

Every Lady Likes a Little Shine
2009/09/30 Maya H.

The season of parties and such are upon us and if you were scrambling last year (or even last week) to find the WD classic bubble meshperfect bag to wear with your formal 'little back dress' or your gorgeous nude-colored ball gown or even your hip-hugging satin suit, now is the time to grab it!

Whiting & Davis has them on sale at Editors Closet right now (they WILL NOT last long) favorites are the Classic Bubble Mesh Clutch ($73) in Antique GoldWD art deco mesh clutch [I like the ideal of not having to hold a bag in my hand...or leave it at the table when I'm getting my groove on on the floor] and the Art Deco Frame Mesh Clutch ($45) in Silver [if I have to hold something, it should be fabulous...and small]!

Get there quickly....

FYI - both styles also come in gold and bronze!!.