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More Casual Footwear for Saturday Brunch

More Casual Footwear for Saturday Brunch
2012/05/09 Better Blueprint

{Prueter by Aldo, $55}

So, I showed you my favorite Ash Bowie sneaker that represents a very feminine yet casual and curated look at sneakers for now and into the warmer weather, but that may not have appealed to you. So, I've got "regular" sneakers as well ~ for warmer weather, your sneaks should really be white or a little caramel/cognac color. That will allow you to wear them with just about anything {BTW ~ the second best pair to own would be navy...just think about how well it pairs with white, cream, and camel}.

I found these not-Converse sneakers {they are the standard} at Aldo, the Prueter ($55). They present the opportunity to do casual, be comfortable, and look put together....even on Saturday morning runs to the grocery store. Bonus ~ the come in white and navy in addition to the cognac pictured!