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Monday Morning Power List

Monday Morning Power List
2010/07/19 Maya H.

A week’s worth of fashion, faux pas, follies, fabulosity, finds, forgettables, regrettables, and the like……

  • Singing in the Rain: I can't stand wet weather but, it's not excuse to look frumpy.  Choose a wide hat, colorful slicker/trench, fun umbrella, or wellies that make you smile in spite of the nasty weather outside! 
  • The Best, Free Accessory: Smiles are great for dressing up funeral-drab attire, going from work to play, or when you just can't seem to locate the best item (in spite of using Virtual Shopping Service)
  • Relationships: They are what our lives are built on.  They help us through good times, provide insight into decisions, and are there when all else fails.  Invest in them like you do your clothes....and they'll last a lifetime!

See.  Do.  Be.  Stylish.