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Monday MANifesto: Change Your Underwear

Monday MANifesto: Change Your Underwear
2014/03/17 Better Blueprint

I'm not a guy but if you are then you are either a boxer, briefs, or boxer-briefs guy....or so you were lead to believe. Ask yourself when you made the decision to be a briefs guy because I'm guessing the answer was waay back when.

And that's fine....except

Now there's so much more to underwear than that one decision. You can now consider options like colors, moisture-wicking, shapewear (ummm yes!), odor-absorbing, and much more.

The same holds true for tees, right? Are you a crewneck, v-neck, or tank top man? Here's where you may have had a little more flexibility and rocked two or all three of these at some point but, today with the advent of moisture-wicking, contouring, etc, the world is your underwear oyster!

Let's not even talk about brands because you started out with Hanes and Fruit of the Loom...done. Now, every designer and soccer player is pulling you in 10 different directions. What's a guy to do with this underwear smorgasbord? Here's the best advice anyone can give you....

  1. If you're a professional man and your chest hair is under control, the v-neck shirt is always the best bet
  2. Any underwear item with moisture-wicking technology is better than not
  3. Typically boxer-briefs emphasize your mid-section (you know whether or not you should really be putting it on display)
  4. Color underwear are typically made with a stretchy fiber thus likely are more comfortable. Isn't that what you want?
  5. If you have a small bladder (thus need to 'hit the head' more frequently) consider underwear with a pouch so you have easy access but things still stay somewhat pulled together
  6. The options are endless so your skivvies should never run more than $35 a pair (even the Lululemon boxer shorts are only $32)!
  7. Seriously, there's never a need to have holey underwear....never!
  8. We understand higher-end underwear have better seams (more stitches per inch) but the regular ones, if sized correctly, work
  9. Yellow armpits are a safe indication that the undershirt has outlived its utility

From a woman's perspective, all of these are acceptable (dare I say pleasant) items to see you in....