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Manly Monday Style Meter

Manly Monday Style Meter
2011/09/19 Better Blueprint

These are just a few observations, thoughts, insights, and words of wisdom that any/every man should hear. They're all about keeping it stylish, being a gentleman, and understanding the differences (read: nuances) of boys and men.

  1. [scene: any female's birthday party at a restaurant] The girl is wearing her newly purchased dress that fits her like a glove and an outfit that is red carpet worthy....the guy (who is "with" her) is rocking some denim, a polo and casual sneakers. Lesson: she took the time to look her best [albeit it's her birthday], why don't you take the time to look your best too?!
  2. Even if you're new to the professional attire thing, or a veteran to the game a running late, there's nothgin dapper about being wrinkled! All it takes is five minutes to literally iron out your issues with a handheld clothing steamer and whether you paid $150 or $2000, the suit for looks instantly better!
  3. Always sexy: a gentleman with an unsolicited compliment or observation given to a lady while speaking at a conversational tone [as opposed to being shouted from across a street....which is better known as a 'cat call' which isn't cool at all!]