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Manly Monday Style Meter

Manly Monday Style Meter
2011/09/12 Better Blueprint
  1. Why would you ever want to see a man in a dress? Individuality is wonderful, but dressing to draw attention to oneself for attention's sake isn't stylish....or manly!
  2. There's something "cool" about sneakers and since Mother Nature has decided to deny us an Indian summer, make sure you've gone sneaker shopping for a pair that will make you smile well into the cooler temps. GQ did a list but we only liked a couple; the Lacoste Suzuka's are "cool".
  3. A little tamed (and intentional) stubble or 'Marlboro man' is cool....but looking like you're trying to mimic the Unibomber on a binge, is not dapper. Plus too much stubble, and your girlfriend's smooth face will suffer most!