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Manly Monday Style Meter

Manly Monday Style Meter
2010/10/04 Maya H.

A stylish start to the week from last week’s lessons learned…

  • So European: European men have gotten such a bad wrap - speedos, too-tight suits - yet they exude this flair for fashion that is undeniable, and I've uncovered one of the keys! Less is more - they have fewer items but those items represent the best that they can afford.
  • 3-Piece Suit: It's not only the hot item for fall fashion for professional dapper dons, but imagine just rocking the vest with a nice button down, microcheck shirt with a some well-fitting slacks.  You are now King of All You Survey!
  • Protect Your Money:  (and your good name) by investing in a nice leather wallet that will age well over time. How crazy is it that you look dapper, represent the finer things in life, play with millions of dollars of other people's money daily, and then pull out the tattered piece of leather that holds you money?!

See.  Do.  Be.  Dapper.