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Let’s Get Scent-ual!

Let’s Get Scent-ual!
2014/12/02 Better Blueprint

I admit that I've spent the last month or so trying to nail down a few new scents ~ my girlfriend Julia says a lady should have more than one. I found two new scents from some well-known designers but I had the opportunity to try a botanical perfume and essence from Esscentual Alchemy.

I'm a floral, woodsy, amber, smoky scent girl so opted to try autumn spice ~ yummy and perfect for fall! Not that I'm not addicted to other scents but this one just 'does it for me', ya know?! Check out Essentual Alchemy and you'll know what I mean. OHH ohhh ohhhh ~ I was client shopping in Nordstrom the other day and two ladies asked me what I was wearing ~ that's a good sign!


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