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Is It a Surprise that Celebrities or Entertainers “Look Stunning”?

Is It a Surprise that Celebrities or Entertainers “Look Stunning”?
2009/10/21 Maya H.

Or, better yet, why is it a surprise that celebrities and entertainers who make millions and spend even more "look stunning"?  The next question to ask -- what would they look like if they were me?!

Two ladies come to mind -- Rihanna and Katie Holmes because they are both in the news and rags often for being so 'fashion forward' and 'looking stunning' in their outfits.  If you had millions at your disposal, time on your hands in the morning to get ready, and a personal stylist and assistant, do you think you could 'force' yourself to look decent?

050809_rihanna_400X400Rihanna, by most accounts, is an okay singer but she has spent the bulk of her time in the press for her fashion-forward dress and stellar designer choices.  Albeit you hope there is some element of personal authenticity in her style, she has a personal stylist combing the stores on her behalf and designers knocking at her door to offer their duds for her use.  Beyond her mediocre singing, her true claim-to-fame is her wardrobe (let's not even mention the Chris Brown incident....)

102009-katie-holmes-200Katie Holmes' big notoriety came from Dawson's Creek when she was like fifteen...and of course, marrying Tom Cruise.  When did her style quotient skyrocket -- when she came of age, got a stylist and a few million to boot!  I beleive she did see some limited success during her recent stint on Broadway but, far-and-away, she is known as Tom Cruise's wife which gives her millions to play with (her daughter's wardrobe alone cost more than the mortgage on most houses today) and time to put it together.

In both cases, their styles are different but seem to fit the public persona we're fed.  Rihanna is always pushing the envelope and take 'tough chic' to a new, sophisticated level; and Katie Holmes has developed a fairly chic and classic styling that works for her current lifestyle.

But neither started this way so, again I ask, why is it a surprise that they 'look stunning' when they're in front of the camera?!  Go figure...I'm not hatin' the player, I'm hatin' the game!.