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Cheetah vs. Leopard Print

Cheetah vs. Leopard Print
2013/05/28 Better Blueprint

We have been using them interchangeably when, in reality, cheetah and leopard print are not only not the same but look quite different!

The two are often confused but to be a true diva, you musts be knowledgeable so let's note the differences (and similarities) so you can go forth and conquer stylishly.

cheetah print, cheetahs, fashion prints

{cheetahs! thus cheetah print}

Cheetah print: the cheetah has solid black spots, more uniform and evenly spread.

leopard print, fashion prints

{fashion's most common print, leopard}

Leopard print: the leopard has a rosette pattern with a dark ring and a lighter center, intermingled with smaller, solid spots. It's arguably the most common animal print in terms of fashion.