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Brown Girls Lead Recap: Dress for Success

Brown Girls Lead Recap: Dress for Success
2014/01/28 Better Blueprint

This is the winner of the "Dress for Success" #style challenge, Gia. Her look is professional, light, polished and feminine. Nice job Gia!!

The Brown Girls Lead Academy (BGLA) workshop was held on Saturday, January 24th at Macy's Pentagon City. The BGLA is an engaging, seven month program that focuses on three core leadership development components: Personal Empowerment, Professional Enrichment and Public Engagement.

The session was aimed at helping the ladies shape the identity of their professional and personal style through learning about wardrobe management, including updates of seasonal wardrobe; identify the differences between fads and trends including building a wardrobe that will stand the test of time while reflecting professional, modern and fashion forward style; create and manage wardrobes for hard to fit sizes; and build and create their signature look and style to walk out the door feeling confident for all settings and career-ready!

We had a blast and if you check out Instagram, you'll see all of the fabulous outfits the ladies created before and during the session.

Thanks Brown Girls Lead!