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best media tote bags

best media tote bags
2019/06/10 Better Blueprint
In Accessories, Style
there are certain media tote bags that say more than the writing on the bag!

Compliments to my girlfriend, Sandra, who reminded me not only that I love tote bags but that they are not created equal! GQ recently did a write-up to share the top ten media tote bags ~ and I was happy to see my Monocole bag was on the list!

Tote bags are awesome ~ and you don't need a lot of them (just great ones)! They are great for running to the grocery store, your summer Saturday trip to the vineyard to carry your phone, an extra bottle you just purchased, a book, your sunglasses, and your perfect nude glossy lipgloss, of course....

If you can't happen to find one of these, try a few of my other favorites!