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Beautiful Music in Ballet Flat

Beautiful Music in Ballet Flat
2009/11/16 Maya H.

So the Holidays are approaching and you want to be fashionable....without blowing the bank on your wardrobe, right?  The answer lies in a few key purchases and a nifty pair of shoes is one.  These lumberjack-inspired ballet flats are perfect: Lumberjack ballet flat

  • They're flat (thus comfortable for moving location to location)
  • They are red so spruce up even the most monochromatic black dress (along with a wide red belt, of course)
  • They're $120 courtesy of the JCrew Insider Sale (use code INSIDER at checkout)
  • They'll easily move into evening events with some tuxedo pants

Ready, set, go -- Holidays here we come high steppin' and lookin' fashionable!