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Be Easy & Casual

Be Easy & Casual
2012/02/22 Better Blueprint


Jourdan Dunn at Burberry Prorsum {}

One of the most common complaints I get from men and women is around "being casual". What most end up with are jeans, a button down shirt or tee ~ and a feeling that they could have done better. Being casual doesn't mean you need to look like you just rolled out of bed. The keys to being casual ...yet chic & curated are:

  • Consider more than just jeans ~ slacks, leggings, skirts and dresses count too!
  • Casual is more about a feeling than a look ~ it's about being easy and comfortable
  • The "chic" part comes with practice ~ for now, always consider your outer garment as part of your outfit
  • Blend colors ~ casual doesn't have to be funeral drab (read: black); the fun part of casual is about touches of color
  • Comfort always ~ most spend time in a suit during the week, so the downtime should be about comfort and ease
  • Loose but not hanging ~ look for looser/more relaxed fits but not oversized or dumpy (that says bummy, not casual)

Wee happened upon this picture of Jourdan Dunn and thought she nailed chic casual. Agree?

Some of our favorite brands for chic casual include: