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Traveling With No Style

Traveling With No Style
2014/05/13 Better Blueprint

I’m not a travel snob but I do believe there’s a certain level of appropriateness you should aim for… ok, seriously “aim high”! I was moving through the Baltimore airport and was just….disappointed to say the least. I know its 5am but you had to know you were getting up early to get here, right?

Maybe it’s because it’s BWI as opposed to so e other more metropolitan or sexy airport….. yeah- let’s go with that although I secretly don’t believe that’s the real issue.

My mind meandered to all of the fashion faux pas I’ve seen in my years of travel and, far and away, I think Americans are some of the biggest violators of stylish travel. What’s our problem? Do we feel like we get a pass on everything for the sake of comfort? Have we not bothered go notice that you can be stylish and comfortable at the same time?

Not that you have to subscribe to my travel philosophy but perhaps just create a travel “uniform” – comfortably stylish footwear, maxi dress, oversized sweater, and scarf. I actually contemplate an outfit for each trip but I think there’s an opportunity to gain some efficiencies and scalability if fashion isn’t your baby (respect). You can even get jiggy with it and create a uniform for spring/summer and fall/winter.

Anyway, I needed to let it go….. so I just popped on my headphones and headed down the gangway so I could focus on more fun stuff

I boarded and decided to forget about it until I happened upon page 35 of Travel & Leisure. I can’t do it justice so if you can’t read it below then you’re missing it.

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