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A Healthier Holiday Table With ACS

A Healthier Holiday Table With ACS
2012/12/29 Better Blueprint

Martha Stewart's Tortellini with Lemon & Brussel Sprouts

In conjunction with American Cancer Society, Blueprint for Style is promoting a healthier holiday table for the entire month of December and to do my part, I'm sharing a recipe that I snagged online and shared with my family over the holiday.

Tortellini with lemon and brussel sprouts.

I snagged this recipe from Martha Stewart's looked yummy and I was anxious to try something a skosh different (and more healthy) for the holidays. I followed the recipe to the letter (with a few of my own embellishments, of course) and it turned out wonderfully!

I am not a really healthy eater per sé but, I love the idea of making a few tweaks to my diet that can make a significant impact like by choosing whole grains instead of refined grain products [I used whole wheat pasta]. Here are some innovative ways to add more vegetables [I used brussel sprouts], fruits, and whole grains to your day while watching your refined carbohydrates, sugar, and fat intake.

What are the one or two changes you can make to your holiday meals that can lead to a healthier holiday table?