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6 Pieces of Jewelry Every Woman Should Own

6 Pieces of Jewelry Every Woman Should Own
2010/05/04 Maya H.
  1. Statement necklaces: they can dress up a t-shirt or finish a more formal outfit (Blueprint rec: Sequin multistrand pearl necklace, $105...versatile, adaptable, fun)
  2. Large earrings: they help to "frame" the face and look great with long hair, up or down, as well as a short do (Blueprint rec: Gemma Redux pyrite Dina earrings, $245...glamorous, statement-making, vintage)
  3. Cuff bracelet: while it can be worn everyday, it adds an element of sophisticated edge that every stylish woman should have (Blueprint rec: GS Lillian black round cuff, $90...edgy, basically fabulous, easy)
  4. Brooch: add it to a long chain, or simply to add a statement to a sweater for plain shirt (Blueprint rec: Tuleste rhinstone arrow pin with chains, $45...understated, whimsical, functional)
  5. Cocktail ring: focus on something eye-catching! (Blueprint rec: Amanda Rudey greem amethyst flower ring, $140...bright, light, youthful; or Kenneth Lane turquoise center round ring, $150...vintage, substantial, heirloom)
  6. Pendant necklace: a bare decolletage is sexy but a well-placed pendant necklace is sometime just the "little" something you need (Blueprint rec: Tuleste gold fish locket, $80...playful, vintage, eye-catching)

[compliments of interview with Lilah Nicolaidis, former accessories editor for ELLE and current editor for]