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Archive for June, 2014

  • Jun262014

    If Only Dorothy Had These Red Pumps

    "When I think of home, I think of a place where there's love overflowing. I wish I was home, I…

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  • Jun242014

    Colorblock Sandals

    I shared with the crowd at The Sole of Style event on Saturday (in Philadelphia) that you can wear suede…

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  • Jun232014
    shirt fit, men's style

    MANly Monday: Make A List, Check It Twice

    Yes, this one is mundane but so essential. The rules for men don't change nearly as often as those for…

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  • Jun202014

    Digital Age, Old Paper

    We live in age of technology ~ ipads and tablets, smartphones, apps and mobile settings....but paper still exists. For me,…

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  • Jun182014

    Roping Together A Finished Look

    I'm back on it... I've decided to share as many of the items I believe a woman needs as possible.…

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  • Jun162014

    Quinessential White Tee

    It's basic, necessary, irreplaceable, versatile, and comes in all shapes and sizes. It's likely one of the first items you…

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  • Jun162014
    McDermott, GQ, suits

    MANly Monday: Tailoring Needed

    This one isn't hard and it's a lesson that GQ kindly shared with us. Tailoring is essentially and the smallest…

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  • Jun132014

    Denim Do for Summer

    Denim is an American wardrobe staple and something that is in most of our closets in multiples. However, when summer…

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  • Jun062014

    A New Summer “Weekend” Bag

    It's more tote than handbag but perfect for summer nonetheless. The Sufia bag found at ASOS says summer (it's white) and…

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  • Jun052014

    Shopping Score

    This is sale season and while I don't often post about the actual sales, the booty that comes as a…

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