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$100 For Your Thoughts!

$100 For Your Thoughts!
2010/05/25 Maya H.

We've got a $100 Saks Fifth Avenue gift card for the best suggestion on topics to cover.  Enter now and often -- you have until June 4th!

I was sitting in the park yesterday trying to think about the blog, what to write about, what's next, what information and tidbits to share, and how to essentially make my blog a "necessary" part of your lives.  Is that even possible?  I mean really - what makes Blueprint for Style readers hit the site and check out the posts?  So, as I often do, I put the question to you, "What do you want to hear about day to day when it comes to style?"

Let me share with you what I think is cool -- and why I hit other blogs on a daily basis.....

  • Insider sale information
  • How To lists for everything from weekend packing to cleaning out my closet
  • Style tips
  • Fun, stylish activities
  • Interviews with designers
  • Contests
  • Latest item that is actually meaningful to me
  • Know how about turning runway fashions into everyday style
  • How to be more stylish and sophisticated everyday

But that's just me.  One reader wanted to know the difference between all of the magazines....that's coming soon so hold tight!  Another reader wanted to know what runway fashions were actually going to work for everyday ....we did that!  A male reader wanted to know about hats and the different options...done!  Keep the suggestions coming.