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10 Commandments of Swimsuits

10 Commandments of Swimsuits
2010/06/04 Maya H.
  1. Do not buy a tankini: no belly coverage and the top usually hits at a bad place
  2. Try a maillot: it instantly creates a waist, disguises bulges, and is sexier than a string bikini
  3. No prints if you're full-figured: they make you look bigger and stand out
  4. Choose a sophisticated color: leave neons and generally craziness to the young chicks; aim for youthful not young!
  5. No skirted suits: they make you look matronly; try a sarong or tunic!
  6. Choose higher-cut legs: they elongate the leg and make the thighs appear leaner
  7. Avoid boy shorts: they emphasize the butt....and stomach!
  8. Plus size suits require a little extra: focus on draping or ruching across the midsection, dark colors and a deep v-neck
  9. Shop for a new suit every other year: lost elasticity and pilling are unsightly!
  10.  For B cups+, stick with structured tops: keeping the package tight is the right answer