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who wants a party invite?

who wants a party invite?
2019/05/17 Better Blueprint
truly custom invitations at Basic Invite

Although the weather is saying otherwise, it's party season! That's graduation party, wedding, new car, backyard refurb, welcome to summer, etc... do we really need a reason to throw a get together?!

Gone are the days of sending invitations and now are the days of invite by email (and even text) but when they go low, we go high!!! I just finished shopping for my client's June wedding (he will be smokin' hot in theseTom Ford velvet loafers and Giorgio Armani navy textured tuxedo) and, thank goodness, he opted to do formal invites.... As with my upcoming outdoor fete, I am going to use Basic Invite!

And the son of my one of other clients is using the site to do custom graduation invitations because he needed something to "match" his custom graduation look! With 180+ colors, the options are almost endless.

Alexander was picky but I had a few criteria too ~ including size, color, font, background photo, border color, etc ~ and Basic Invite was the only site that let me fully customize my invites!! So I had to try them out and ~ waalah! I used Basic Invite to make these adorable custom note cards. For the next few months, everyone will be getting these....and you can get you very own by going here and entering code 15FF51 to get an additional 15% off!

my new fully custom chic, so me!