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What is ‘Farm Chic’?!

What is ‘Farm Chic’?!
2009/09/21 Maya H.

Mystery: Well that was the question posed to me through a "Dear Blueprint...Need Help!" message and since they need it asap, I thought I'd answer today.  To provide slightly more context, the young lady, Daphne, out of New York City, wanted to make sure she was looking right as she headed out to an 'upper-crest' event.

Solved: Well could 'farm chic' mean we need to go Hee Haw with our Christian Louboutins?  Or does it mean we drag our finest 4-inch Prada boots through the mud with overalls?  Or would we need to doo-si-doo around the campfire with our Fendi saddle pouch and vintage Chanel dress...Karl Lagerfeld would likley appear out of nowhere to give you 10 lashes for such blasphemy!? I dare say, it's none of those!  The answer is quite simple -- 'farm chic' means you should be considerate of your surroundings (i.e. - you are headed to a farm setting) but, don't go too far as if you belong in Beverly Hill Hillbillies!

Desperately Seeking Daphne -- my suggestion would be a cute plaid shirt with or without ruffles depending on how fem you want to act with some dungaree-style or even chic cargo pants preferably in a darker color (to ward off the real signs of farm-work), and a smokin' pair of Frye boots (I have some if you want to borrow them)...or an adorable booties minus the 4-inch heel- just go for utility!  Option #2 and, quite frankly, just as farm-chic appropriate, is a denim dress with a fabulous oversized belt to set off the fullness of the skirt along with, of course, some smokin' Frye boots!

My last bit of advice before you get ready to get 'down and dirty' with the can run to H&M for these items because they have everything (or see below) and then, if you quickly realize that you and 'farm chic' are not one, you won't feel bad when it's time to shed that persona along with the clothes!

Farm Chic

(lighter denim jeans: Sass & Bide Frayed Misfit skinny jeans, $71 at; darker denim jeans: Frankie B FERGIE Jean Skinny California Wash 10/ 33, $120 at; blue plaid shirt: Desert Springs, $40 at; denim dress: Women's Denim Sweetheart Dress - Indigo Wash, $35 at; red plaid shirt: Raspberry Check Shirt, $46 at; short Frye booties: Frye Boots, $398 at; tall Frye boot: Frye 'Rory Scrunchy' Boot, $328 at; and oversized belt: Women's Triple Buckle Waist Belt, $169 at