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Weekend Musings

Weekend Musings
2013/07/27 Better Blueprint

Scary? Yes but I've been thinking a lot about new homes, interior decorating crap, and the likes so Houzz is my new best friend ~ it's like Pinterest for home/interior design freaks. The picture above is a look at my ideal kitchen ~ a place to entertain, not too formal, fully functional, spacious, and modern with an old-world feel. It would become my new office! Right now, I only have my little love shack but am planning a series of weekend food fests focused on wine, charcuterie, cheese, and one more favorite (TBD)! I'll post pics on Instagram.

I'm biting the bullet and scooping my Hunter wellington boots if for no other reason than to be ready for the Newport Jazz Festival this year (August 2-4)!

Part of my weekend to-do's is to check out Fruitvale Station starring Michael B. Jordan (no relation to your airness....) and painting my bathroom! It's time so be on the lookout for pictures.

Participate in the Footzyfolds contest (enter as much as you want) through July 28, be on the lookout for our August giveaway with ASOS, and mark your calendar for November 7 {a fashionable soiree with Neiman Marcus Last Call in Rockville, MD}.

Thank you Whole Foods for satisfying my guac craving ~ and to District Fete for inviting me to the Fashion 360 Conference on September 22.