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webinar: dressing for success in a hybrid world

webinar: dressing for success in a hybrid world
2022/08/31 Better Blueprint
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Recently, in conjunction with the University of Michigan's Alumni Association (AAUM), I conducted a 50-minute virtual webinar to help anyone who was doing business or working online or digitally. Dressing for Success in-person was hard enough - trying to determine the company culture, understand what Friday casual meant, or make sure your summer casual still looked like business. Well post-pandemic, the equation changed and requirements going forward are different, so your work/business wardrobe needs to change too.

We reviewed where Dressing for Success started, what it looks like today whether you are a student, a new hire, interviewing, or a more senior executive, and easily implementable tips and tricks to elevate your style game without a lot of fuss or cost!

To listen in, learn a few things, be more stylish, and have a great day!

Click [here]!

Do you need your staff to hear a similar message or want a customized webinar created for your organization? Life is hard enough, getting dressed shouldn't be so click [here]!